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Latest News

Work for 3rd and 6th year pupils


 Updated Work for 3rd Years                                          Updated Work for 6th Years

Ms. McCormack's 1st Year Science Work                                           Mr. O Mahony Maths 6th Year

Ms. McCormack's 2nd Year Science Work                                          Mr. O' Briens DCG 6th Year

Ms. McCormack's 3rd Year Science Work                                         Mr. O' Brien's Maths and Tech 3rd Year

Ms. McCormack's 6th Year Biology Work                                         Ms.Lucey Business 6th Year

All 6th Year Work                                                                               Ms. Luceys Business 3rd Year

All 3rd Year Work                                                                              Ms. O Sullivans 3rd Year Science

Ms. Shaughnessy Maths 6th Year                                                    Ms. O' Hea's Home Ec 3rd Year

Ms. Shaughnessy Maths 3rd Year                                                    Ms O Hea's Home Ec 6th Year

Mr Greally Physics 6th Year

Mr Greally Maths 6th Year

Mr. Greally Science 3rd Year

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